Nazwiska wrocławian z parafii pod wezwaniem św. Michała Archanioła (od 1946 do 1996 roku)

  1. Magdalena Kowalczyk


Surnames of the locals from St. Michal’s parish in Wroclaw (from 1946 to 1996 year)

The matter of the article are the surnames of the locals from St. Michal’s parish in Wroclaw. The aim is to classify the surnames and to grasp its frequency, showing off the richness and diversity of the establishment basis. The biggest group is created by surnames originate from common names (42%), there are many coming from names and homonymous surnames (each 13%). Gathered materials allows to confirm a thesis that the most popular Polish surname is Nowak.

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Onomastica Slavogermanica

30, 2011

Pages from 223 to 235

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