Śląskoznawcze prace Władysława Nehringa

  1. Romana Łobodzińska


Śląskoznawcze prace Władysława Nehringa

W. Nehring onomastic and dialectologic interests can be followed based on couple of texts only. They document not only excellent knowledge of methodologic papers of slavic onomastic founders as F. Miklosich but silesian names problems — especially patronimic forms with suffixes -ic, -ice, -wice wich in german were changed into -itz, -witz as well. Nehring points also out substitutution phenomen and underlines that suffix -witz often replace other polish suffixes such as: -ce, -ec, -ica.

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Onomastica Slavogermanica

30, 2011

Pages from 73 to 80

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