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Władysław Nehring jako edytor tekstów staropolskich

  1. Maria Peisert


Władysław Nehring jako edytor tekstów staropolskich

Władysław Nehring is a distinguished researcher of old Polish writings and text editor. His most important works comprise a critical edition of the Polish parts of  Psałterz floriański and Kazania gnieźnieńskie. His fundamental work, Altpolnische Sprachdenkmäler, is especially important for the history of the polish language. Hi presents there a philological and critical survey and evaluation of so far known Polish literary monuments. His work with old polish literary text represents a very thorough, comprehensive and acute philological microanalysis, which is placed on a broad historical, cultural and literary background. His good knowledge of classical languages, of paleography, philosophy and theology, joined with exceptional perfectionism, precision, and hard-working skills, made his Altpolnische Sprachdenkmäler the first link in a long chain of knowledge about the history of Polish language.

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Onomastica Slavogermanica

30, 2011

Strony od 91 do 99

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