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Etnogeneza Słowian w świetle prac onomastycznych Stanisław Rosponda

  1. Stefan Warchoł


Ethnogenesis of the Slavs in the light of Stanisław Rospond’s onomastic works


Knowledge in the area of toponymy and onimic structural types drawn up by Stanisław Rospond were supposed to be used for the purpose of research on pre-history of the Slavs. Although Professor was not directly involved in discussions on these issues he repeatedly emphasised ethnic, language and cultural liaisons between Eastern and Western Slavs and especially between so called Old Rus and Lesser Poland and Silesia. Due to analysis of various archetypical toponyms he proved that the pre-cradle of the Slavs should be connected with a territory of broadly understood Old Rus (to the middle Dnieper River) and Lesser Poland as well as with Silesia. Stanisław Rospond never expressed his opinions on ethnogenesis of the Slavs precisely; however, his research based on careful analysis of source documents has significant importance for resolving this problem in the future.

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Onomastica Slavogermanica

27, 2008

Strony od 55 do 54

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